Although I love creating different flavor combinations with chocolate, sometimes the chocolate itself is so good it deserves to stand entirely on its own. That’s the case with the Peruvian Gold bonbons I’ve been making with a single-origin chocolate produced with Gran Blanco cacao beans from the tropical forests of northern Peru.

These rare, white beans are exceptionally creamy, with a delicate but complex and deep chocolate flavor. The chocolate looks a bit lighter than some other dark chocolates and is 63% cacao vs. the 70–85% that some people consider the benchmark of fine chocolates. But these percentages are not always a reliable indicator of taste or quality.

The Peruvian Gold bonbons are the only confections I make with this chocolate, and the only ingredient I add is a bit of cream to make the soft ganache that fills the molded rectangular shells. The taste is unique and extraordinary…what other chocolates aspire to be.