Beth Kirsch Chocolatier

My goal when making artisan chocolates is to create confections that look beautiful, taste extraordinary, and offer a moment of pure bliss when you experience them. I use high-quality French chocolate and fresh ingredients. I make my chocolates in small batches, all by hand.

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Or host your own chocolate party for a birthday or special event.

Special Requests

Corporate gifts, wedding favors, chocolate tastings…Beth’s Chocolate is perfect for any occasion.


Shout outs

Oh My Goddess, what delicious treats you create. I am in 7th Heaven! Many thanks for an excellent product made with hard work and love.

Elizabeth M.

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Let's Talk Chocolate

My idea of heaven: walking amidst 100 acres of cacao trees, their delicate little white flowers turning into football-sized, purplish-red pods that cling to the trunk and branches. They don’t smell like chocolate but are bursting with the promise of what’s to come.

Completing the Valrhona Master Chocolatier program this spring was both exciting and intimidating. At l’École du Grand Chocolat in France, Chef Christophe Domange began by having us make a “chablon,” a paper-thin sheet of chocolate on a large square of acetate.

My daughter, my sister, and a good friend kept urging me to learn how to make caramel. Just about everybody loves caramel, they insisted, even if I don’t. Well, I guess they were right, because salted dark caramel was my top seller this holiday season. Two people alone bought a total of 33 boxes.